Video: Fishermen Catches Shark by Hand on Big Island – Almost Gets Eaten in Process

Two fishermen on the Big Island recently had the catch of a lifetime when they brought in a tiger shark estimated to be about 12-14 feet the other day.

Captured Tiger

Published yesterday on YouTube, Mike McCrum says:  “Big Rope + Big Cable + Big Hook + Big Bait = LIVE ACTION With A Big SHARK!!!!! yeeeeeeeeee What U Kno About Dat!?. “Catch And Release”.

If the shark was released… I have to wonder what type of shape it was in after this battle:



8 Responses

  1. There is a Federal and State law on the books for removing a shark fin(s) and this is on video no less. DNLR go arrest this dumb ass!

  2. Why were they bringing that poor shark in? It just seems so cruel. Makes me want to drag them over the rocks. Let them be.

    • That 12 – 14 foot tiger shark is named Laverne the fisherman in the Harbor have been feeding her for years. It’s cruel part of her tail was cut off in this vicious attack as they pulled her onto sharp, jagged lava rock. From Flori-DUH the Gunshine state I lived in for 30+ years it’s very dangerous the lava rocks in HI. One Hawaiian lady commented on another post so these aren’t fisherman they’re PUNKS. I pray they find out what feels like when the tables turn on them when they swim in the ocean then run into one of tiger sharks instead of being on land. Too bad they didn’t arrested it appears cruelty to marine mammals yet in reality they broke no laws. If I was there I’d simply cut the line. In HI even as a teen if you step on your neighbor’s front lawn they get arrested for trespassing. Here’s your sign!

  3. What idiots…wish the shark could have got ahold of them and showed them the same type of ill treatment. And who the hell filmed this???

  4. I concur, that was lame! but not as lame as the idiot who filmed the video-stupid & disrespectful. My naau hurts watching this. Wonder what DLNR would like to say about this video?

  5. Did they land it and any reason to not to? Seems there may be some people who don’t like them close to shore and then others like Larry said, that want them protected.

    What is the general opinion in the community?

  6. I wonder if those were the jerks who were leaving a big baited hook at Honokohau in recent weeks. They have *no idea* how many people feel protective about those fish.

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