Hawaii County Closes Hot Ponds at ‘Āhalanui Park After Person Allegedly Gets Sick Swimming in Pond

The Department of Parks and Recreation closed ‘Āhalanui Park in lower Puna on Thursday, September 26, after learning of an unconfirmed report that a member of the public allegedly became sick after swimming in the park’s hot pond.

 ‘Āhalanui Park Hot Ponds

‘Āhalanui Park Hot Ponds

Ensuring the health and safety of all park users remains the top priority of the Department of Parks and Recreation. In an abundance of caution, Director Clayton Honma took immediate action to close the park and request the Hawai‘i Department of Health’s Clean Water Branch test the pond’s water quality.

‘Āhalanui Park will remain closed pending the Department’s receipt of the test results and assurance that the water quality continues to fall within safety guidelines.

The Department of Parks and Recreation apologizes for any inconvenience the temporary closure may cause and thanks the public for its understanding.

For more information, please contact Jason Armstrong, Public Information Officer, at 345-9105, or jarmstrong@co.hawaii.hi.us.


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  2. My friends and I have swam there for many years and I don’t know of anyone having serious problems from it. It is such a beautiful, natural place that I would hate to see it closed. I recognize it is an untreated pond that lots of people enjoy without chlorine and therefore potentially unsafe at times. But the ocean does a good job of cleaning the water naturally and that’s the beauty of it. Know your own health situation and use good judgment.

  3. Aloha
    The fabulous waters are conditioned and supplied by the seep of thousands of Puna cesspools, It is wonderful. By the way a nice man died a few years ago from the ravaging infection he got there. Vibrio ( bacteria that can be a causative agent for cholera) was was detected in the pond at that time. Enjoy!! Seriously, if you go there, wash with soap and water afterwards. Do not enter the water if you have ANY cuts or abrasions. Swimming in feces can be dangerous.
    a hui hou
    Bob Jacobson RN, retired HI County Councilmember

  4. I swam there today and I feel FABULOUS! ?

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