“American Jungle” – New Eight-Part TV Series Follows Hunting Clans on The Big Island

On the island paradise of Hawaii, thousands of acres of untamed jungle are home to wild beasts and the men who live off the land in the ancient ways of their ancestors. Generations of families have claimed, maintained and fought over their own sacred hunting trails. When the dry season comes, wild boar, goats, feral bulls and small game crisscross the island in search for water. These clans must do whatever it takes to protect their turf.

Click to read about the cast

Click to read about the cast

But in a land where traditions run deep and ancient spirits rule the mountains, hunting is about more than putting food on the table. It’s about respecting the family and revering the ancestors. AMERICAN JUNGLE, a new series on HISTORY, follows several tight-knit clans as they hunt the old way – with knives and spears – and battle for control of their territory. The eight-part series premieres Sunday, November 10 at 10 pm ET on HISTORY.

About the clans:

The powerful Spear Clan, descended from Hawaiian royalty, has hunted and preserved their trails for more than 150 years. The trails fell into decline and other clans saw opportunity. Their leader Scotty is determined to return the clan to its former power. Scotty turned his back on his family and traditions seven years ago and left for the mainland. Now he is back and seeking redemption.

The Rosa Clan survives entirely off of the land. Clan leader Tony was estranged for the past ten years, and has reconnected with his son Isaac, 19, to teach him the ways of his family. The clan is small, and if Isaac doesn’t learn, the family’s knowledge of the jungle will end with Tony. The Rosa’s chief rivals are the Correas. The clans began feuding nearly 40 years ago.

Pa, 67, is the leader of the Correa Clan. He descends from the legendary “Barefoot Hunter” from the island of Oahu. When Oahu became developed as a tourist destination, Pa moved the family to the Big Island and carved out his own trails. Game became the main source of food for his rapidly growing family. So keen were his hunting abilities that he brought home enough food to feed some 20 immediate family members. Now in his sunset years, he needs to make a hard decision – which of his sons will take his place.

Johnny Blaze is leader of the Blood Clan. The former college football star and his friends Eric and Kalei teamed up to learn the ways of the jungle. They are a band of outlaws who hunt all the trails in the belief that the jungle belongs to no one clan. Seldom seen by other clans, it is believed that the Bloods are mystically in touch with the spirits of the jungle and engage in strange rituals, such as drinking the blood of their kill.

The Cowboy Clan is led by Curly, a highly skilled horseman who possesses deadly precision with a lasso. He and his trusted partner Lionel are descendents of a long line of Californian-Mexican vaqueros (cowboys). They hunt the plains on horseback and like the Bloods, they don’t respect the idea of trails being owned.

Chewy and Prophet of the Ocean Clan are born and bred locals who don’t take kindly to intruders. Their behavior and alliances are completely unpredictable, changing their tactics to suit whatever the situation calls for. Most clans would rather keep the peace than to cross them.

Because they don’t own trails and are not respected on the island, the Outsiders are not a clan, but they aspire to be one. Big Joe, born in Oklahoma, learned the ways of the jungle from the local elders. He discovered early on that hunting means asking permission of the clans who claim ancestral heritage of the trails. Mark, born on the military base outside Hilo, learned the ways of the jungle from his father before they had a falling out. The pair realized that, as outsiders, they will always be at the mercy of the powerful clans unless they make a name for themselves.


13 Responses

  1. I know for a fact the so called “Blood Clan are true hunters..they hunt ever day and even though “Johnny Blaze” is white he is a local his dad is born and raised in Ka’u and so is Eric.

  2. Eh, wow….take it easy…… The show IS mainly drama. Its good that they got paid, but the truth is that they when “sell out”. That is NOT how it is! Big Island hunters are not truly represented in this haole BS show. I don’t watch it, but come Sunday night my family has the tv on watching their friends on national television. What you gonna do? I now wonder how much “reality” is in all these “realty shows”. Poho!(waste time)!

  3. Blame your King; he gave large tracts of land to the Parkers for their ranch! Basically, land belongs to those who can take it! That is the history of the world.

  4. Most hunters here hunt boar with tough dogs, fowl with bird dogs, and sheep and goats with bow and arrow with stalking and lying in wait. There is room for what ever and however you choose to hunt.. Curious to see the show.

  5. Just watched the show tonight and I was very fascinated with it. I was surprised that many, in the so called, “clans” seemed to be of European descent. The language accents almost sounded like Cajun, except for the word, “brah” and a few other Hawaiian words used. I think it is great that native Hawaiians ancestors still hunt the land. Beef and hogs of course, were brought here by the “foreign” visitors. I am curious what they would have hunted before that. It is a reality show, so I will take it as that. There are, no doubt, areas that are remote, and have some history. I hope I can learn more about The native Hawaiian’s.

  6. some will hate it. More will love it. dont like it dont watch it. it’s for entertainment! Ya, we don’t hunt like that but the struggle is real. These guys are the Spark in the Dark! Try to think that good could come of it instead of bashing it before it airs! the only thing I don’t like is the name “AMERICAN JUNGLE” but I understand it’s to catch the eyes of AMERICANS, whatever.. These guys get so much support from so many people that are HAPPY to see hawaii on tv. They were presented with an opportunity to do something more with their lives. Times are hard here & everyday we struggle. It’s a blessing in disguise, to bettering their lives!

  7. I recall telling about discovering the old MASH TV site back when it was being filmed in the Santa Monica Mountains near Los Angeles and some exclaimed, in astonishment, it’s not filmed in Korea? It’s TV people, not real life.

  8. This program is a ridiculous and gross distortion of Hawaiian cultural practices regarding hunting. The spread of this sort of misinformation ought to be illegal. The producers of this show should stay out of our lives here on Hawai’i Island and stop exploiting native culture.

    • No watch um then!! Native culture was exploited LONG time ago. One scripted reality hunting show ain’t gonna do more damage than that! These producers are shining a light on what’s been in the Dark. &for these guys to get paid doing what they love to do when times are hard is a blessing for them & their families. Not gonna support them. Don’t watch it.

  9. Absolutely garbage. Completely contrived and bogus. They Hawaiians don’t call their groupings “clans.” Hunting is commonplace, and people who claimed “trails” not on land they own and protect them with intimidation are criminals and are arrested. This series is fantasy.

    • OUR land was illegally seized for bullshit military purposes. Our Queen was imprisoned in her own home by greedy lieing SNAKES. They changed the names of all the peoples land, put it on paper for false documentation & left hawaiians to leave the places they’ve lived for generations. Go figure!!! Damn right we protect this land! it is precious to us. We are the Aina & the Aina is us. WE ARE CRIMINALS FOR PROTECTING OUR LAND!!??? Are you serious!!! You obviously don’t know what you’re talking about & really should do your research. People like you are why we have HOTELS on sacred land & the reason why we cry when we go to pay our respects at our ancestors desecrated burials. You think you know. it’s not intimidation. its Anger, Love for our home &Duty that we protect this land with. it’s our responsibility as Hawaiians. Criminals? Arrested? Get out of here.

      • Blame your king; he gave large tracks of land to the Parkers for the
        Parker ranch. Land belongs to those who can take it; that is history.
        TAKE IT BACK or shut up!

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