UH Hilo Student Attacked in Women’s Restroom

UPDATE:  This was falsely reported to the Police and the story was fabricated by the alleged victim.  More here:  Student Attack at UH Hilo Restroom Was Fabricated

I got the following report from a reliable source of an attack that occurred yesterday on the University of Hawaii Hilo Campus.

UH Hilo Moniker

Aloha Damon can you help? My niece at UH Hilo a sophomore, was attacked in the girls restroom on campus at about 4:40pm. He was a tall 6 foot white guy and put a knife to her neck. He struggled trying to get her top off than dropped the pocket knife then she started punching his face and yelling and then he picked up the knife and ran out. She ran after him and saw him get into a Red Ford Expedition and speed off. When the police interviewed her, she thought her attacker looked like Ariel Jost that guy that was just busted. Maybe he has a brother? Will forward you the info from her mom *****, my niece flew back to Honolulu today to be near her parents for the next few days.

The following is from her mom:

The incident occurred in the Geology building women’s bathroom at approx 4:45pm Tuesday 11/19, white male 6′ short curly blonde/brown hair followed her grabbed her, held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her if she screamed. He dropped the knife when he was trying to remove her clothes then she started punching his face, he yelled, picked up the knife and ran out of the bathroom. She saw him driving away in a red Expedition. Police report #C13031131


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  1. […] hearing news now that the alleged attack that happened at the UH Hilo restroom the other day was a fabricated […]

  2. I in MY opinion…believe as a student, journalist, and observer,…..ALOT of people neeeed more facts before blaming anyone or any company..THIS would require some growing UP and some being more RESPONSIBLE, DEPENDABLE, and RESPECTFUL. i AS A STUDENT AM MORE EMBARASSED BY REMARKS THAN BY THE ACTIONS!..IF YOU HAVE BEEN CAUGHT WITH A PARKING TICKET…so!..IF PEOPLE ARE CONCERNED WITH YOU IN BUSHES SMOKING….I SAY what R U SMOKING?…IT’S A TOBACCO CAMPUS…Why do u deed the bushes?? O.o..just saying…STOP RUMOURS IF IT IS NOT PROVEN…STOP HATING!@!!!…Get an escort if you need one…BUT TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY!!!!

  3. Obviously….SOME people have a real job but the people here on this website can ONLY complain about everything alllll day!!…THATS LIVING REAL ALOHA!!…Peace *laughing*

  4. This websites is sooo stupid…NOT UP TO THE MINUTE ON ANYTHING!!

  5. Surprisingly, the school has NOT sent out any emails or alerts to students about this. They used to always send out alerts when parts of cars got stolen but why not this!? Many students are really upset that no emails have been sent out or that this hasn’t been addressed! It’s all been from word of mouth and the reposting of your articles on Facebook!

  6. Why weren’t the police informed on the incident that supposedly happened last week?

  7. Usually I get an alert when an attack happens on campus. Why not this time?

  8. I walk past there almost often and now I am going to start carrying a knife..

  9. The advertisement following this story of an attempted rape is supremely inappropriate !

  10. This is CRAZY! The campus should UP the security and have them constantly walking around the school. These students need to be protected at ALL times! Security should even be doubled at night with all areas on the campus lit. Tuition these kids pay is high, you would think there safety is included! Lets give them some peace of mind and really DO something about it!!!

    • David you obviously don’t go to college considering your spelling. Anyway, security does walk around constantly. They can’t be everywhere at one time. UH Hilo tuition is cheap, too. All I’m saying is don’t be too quick to judge if you don’t know the details. So for Brian and yourself, you guys can both go choke on a fat one!!! Lol…f**gs

      • Hah, another coward had $0.02 to share. Hey, before you crawl back under the rock you came out from underneath—just long enough to embarrass yourself on this public forum—why don’t you sit down and contemplate the following details.

        Yes, I know the *facts* and the facts are simpe; there is at least one useless, poor excuse for a “security” guard (maybe more, the number fluctuates, depending on who gets fired or quits during a semestser) on campus whose greatest joy and satisfaction comes from *stalking* the parking lots of campus.

        It’s nice hanging out where there are bright lights on poles, good visiability and wide open spaces. It’s not at all like the tree-covered parts of the campus with its many isolated walkways, corners and *bathrooms* where SEXUAL ASSAULTS occur.

        Everybody on campus that matters, including Kolin Kettelson and the Vice Chancellors know the main culprit—by name. I’m not picking on the guy (nor the administrators) because I *know* these shameful lack of priorities and appropriate direction *could* have prevented the assault in question. Nobody knows, for sure.

        But, well, it’s obvious that there *is* the possibility that Security & Administrator’s misplaced priorities *are* an issue, a very real and legitimate one—one that *might* have been a factor in at least an assault or two. Tragic. Reprehensible.

        I’m seizing the moment to bring the situation to light.

        Oviously, the spineless, anonymous coward posting the above comment took offense.

        Call 1-800-Waaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

        Now, maybe the Administration can step up to the plate and do that they get paid hundreds of thousands to do: administer.

        How much you wanna bet their knee-jerk reaction is to say “we need more money.” They need a clue. It’s all about allocation of existing resources. Priorities. Common sense. Keep the campus safer by telling your rogue Rent-a-Cops just *where* they should be patrolling—most of the time.

        That’s all. I’m through, now.

        • @Brian…YOU need help in my opinion!!..get it then report back…soooo mauch left out UNLESS you know more you would like to share??? O.o

      • Because, you know, telling people to “choke on a fat one” and calling them “fags” is totally going to help the situation…
        I hope you’re at least smart enough to catch the total sarcasm within my statement.

      • You obviously don’t go to college considering your sentence structure. Tuition is cheap? Where? It costs us 20K + a year for us out of state students. Stupid fucks


      • Yes security does walk around constantly….in the parking lots!!!! I have never once in my 2+ years in college seen them anywhere else!

  11. Security? Ha. Some of them are worth every penny they are paid. Others? There is at least one useless fucker who hangs out in the parking lot—issuing parking tickets like his “hero” status depends on it. Really.

    Just saying.

    • They don’t even do there job they just walk around WAY MORE AROUND OUR DORMS trying to catch kids smoking and what not than they do the actual campus. And I often see the security officers just sitting at the picnic table at night doing jack shit.. lazy fucks

      • M MY MY!! Maybe you should be in class more often…does your mother know all you know about is the dorms????

      • brat out of their dorm room expecting supreme one on one security for just you…..WHAT A JOKE… if you need more assistance…CALLLLL security office plzzzz or your mommy or daddy

    • UHH security JOB is to do as a client says…IF that includes parking tickets…GET OVER IT..and plz go to the next window and pay it..has nothing to do with them keeping or doing their job…it is the UHH CLIENT thing

  12. I work near the Campus Center and I wonder if this is the same man that was pacing back and forth in the parking lot near the library. He looked really upset about something and was yelling at himself then stormed off towards the library. I ran to my car quickly because this shady character creeped me out. I left the school around 5pm. I dont know his name be he was a very tall white male could have been a student but I thought I would just mention a weird character around the time after the incident near the UH Hilo Campus. Hope they catch him or up the guards on campus.

    • That’s my brother Jeremy Davison you’re talking about, who everyone on the campus is persecuting for no reason. You know why security wasn’t down there? Because they were probably too busy watching him for no reason, even though all he does is try to make the lame, dead iPhone zombie atmosphere a little more enjoyable. And all he gets is people like you snitching him out to security. They leave trash and cigarette butts sitting there, yet they took his altar he put up for everyone to enjoy. It’s you and people like you that make this world a miserable place to live in. I’m going to be having a word with Security and the Chancellor about this, it’s obvious Security’s petty harassment of my brother has obviously taken priority over protecting the student body, and I am personally going to work to have them fired and replaced with ones who don’t have their head up their ass. And if you people have something to say to Jeremy or me, Steve, you can say it to out faces. Jeremy was yelling because his ex-girlfriend Summer Singer has just committed identity theft on him and he was angry. Oh, and why would a rapist cause a huge scene? You’re obviously retarded, like everyone else on your campus. You people make me sick. I’m calling on the people who actually care at this campus to form a vigilante security force, who will ACTUALLY enforce security. Good day.

      • Bro you can get your head out of your ass, theres creepy people everywhere, no one said your brothers name no one accused him of jack shit. this is a serious situation about something that isnt about you or your brother so get over yourself. Any little information of an actual suspect are allowed to be made. the world isnt out to get you or your bother.

  13. they should have the guards man the restrooms in the evening, with radios..

  14. Second attack! WTF! They didn’t say anything about the first one to the students! Where’s the accountability UH Hilo!

  15. Thank you for sharing this. This is actually the second attack within the week. Another one happened last week in the same location!

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