Statewide Hawaii Honey Festival is Saturday

On Saturday, November 23, the Big Island Beekeepers Association(BIBA) will proudly present the first-ever, statewide, Hawai’i Honey Festival, which will include the Fourth Annual Hawai’i Natural Honey Challenge. The premier event will be held at the beautiful Nani Mau Gardens, at 421 Makalika Street in Hilo, from 11 am til 5 pm.

Honey Festival

The Honey Festival will also feature the Fourth Annual Hawaiian Natural Honey Festival, where beekeepers will offer their naturally produced, chemically free honeys in friendly competition against one another. Awards will be made to participating apiaries for best liquid, comb and solid honeys in many different categories, including regional and type of flower from which nectar is gathered. This competition will be professionally judged based on blind tasting, and awards will be made during the Festival. The very popular “Peoples’ Choice Honey Tasting and Awards” will also be offered again this year.

The First Annual Hawai’i Honey Festival is made possible by a generous grant from the State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture.

To read more about the Big Island Beekeepers Association at



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