Student Attack at UH Hilo Restroom Was Fabricated

I’m hearing news now that the alleged attack that happened at the UH Hilo restroom the other day was a fabricated story.

UH Hilo Moniker
More to come later… but this comes from my initial source I got the report from in the first place:

“Damon I just got some disturbing news regarding the attack. I’m waiting on a phone call! Not sure if it was due to pressure or not but her mom told me it was false! OMG WTF! Ugh I have a migraine now!”…

…She came back to Hilo and met with detectives. Then called her mom and is on her way back home right now. Her parents said they don’t know what’s going on and are talking to the detective. I’m not sure what to believe either. Not sure if the media pressure is making her fold or what. So her mom will call me later and let me know but I think she cannot handle the attention…

…Her mom said her friends were pressuring her, I don’t know what that means. Ugh”


15 Responses

  1. I hope for her sake this really happened. The pressure she left behind with students who have classes in the evening, I’m afraid to use the restroom not knowing if this story is true or not. You have nothing to worry about, that sick individual is the one with the problem. Seek help for yourself. because you could later develop ptsd, and he is not worth it.

  2. No one knows the full story yet, so i wouldn’t jump to any conclusions. Either way, there should have been an alert sent out.

  3. I dunno what dis girl was tinking, could be a lot of things we don’t know about, but in my opinion, das not something to joke around wit! There’s so much attacks and sexual assault that goes on, why would somebody even make up a story about it….???

    • EXACTLY Jazmyne!!….also i think it’s illegal to make false reports

    • I’m still pissed that we weren’t notified about the first fricken attack on campus. If we about that one maybe none of this would have happened in the first place, right?! Man…… the things that happen nowadays.

  4. Did you guys ever consider maybe she is doing this to try to stop all the attention she is getting? Going through getting raped is already traumatizing, and now with everyone pressuring her, she probably just wants to be left alone.

    • JJ…NOPE!! i do not believe that for one minute!!

    • Besides..she was NOT raped LOL

    • I believe that. It’s a possible theory, but it’s true no one knows the real story so whoever keeps getting the information should wait until they receive complete information about what had happened and her reasonings behind it. I don’t like the fact that this person joked around about it, but thinking about it now, what if she came back and ran into that person and he threatened her??? I’d be willing to say it was false if it meant protecting my family and friends around me, but who knows all we know is that it’s happened. It doesn’t change the fact about what she said either so no matter what she’s screwed. That’s the end of it.

  5. I say that she’s doing it because she wants everyone to leave her alone. It wouldn’t be the first time that I heard of something like this happen, but it also isn’t the last time either. When pressured by every person on campus you will do a lot to get everyone off your back. Even if that means telling everyone you lied about the whole attack. It’s a psychological thing. Your body, or more like your mind doesn’t know how to officially respond to the situation so it goes into a defense mode. I’m just sad that the other rape situation wasn’t even known until after this rape situation. Everyone should have known the first time that way we would have been more safe being in the school. But then again there is something called FERPA so it’s understandable why no one ever knew about it anyway. Man, the way things get around now. It’s really sad.

  6. […] UPDATE:  This was falsely reported to the Police and the story was fabricated by the alleged victim.  More here:  Student Attack at UH Hilo Restroom Was Fabricated […]

  7. I say…ARREST HER!!! Making false reports, all the mess she caused….ARREST HER!!

  8. SAD and TWISTED person which does NOT understand the implications of what she has done for the sake of getting attention….VERY sad….Thinks maybe she needs to get help so in future she can receive positive attention

  9. LOL!!! Surprised?? WOW!!!

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