Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission Launches a New Data Visualization App

The Hawaii Campaign Spending Commission (Commission) launched a new data visualization application on its website, which will permit anyone to see how candidates running for state and county offices are spending their campaign funds and who is contributing to their campaign.

Click to view Mayor Kenoi's Data

Click to view Mayor Kenoi’s Data

In partnership with the state’s Office of Information Management and Technology, the state’s Information & Communication Services Division, and Socrata, the Commission unveiled its newest tool today at the 2013 Hawaii Digital Government Summit at the Hilton Hawaiian Village.

This new application is available on the Commission’s website at www.hawaii.gov/campaign. Highlights of the new application include a pie chart with detailed information on:

  • Candidate contributions and expenditures
  • Percentage of how contributions are funded (by individuals, non-candidate committees, political parties, immediate family members, etc)
  • Percentage of candidate contributions received from in-state versus out-of-state
  • Percentage with states and zip codes, as well as by geographical location.
  • A visual chart showing how amount and percentage of candidate contributions that are more or less than $1,000. 

The data is derived from the candidates’ reports, which are filed electronically with the Commission from the last 6-years.

This application was conceived to provide greater transparency and accountability in government and enable the public to follow the financial transactions of candidates running for state and county offices in Hawaii.  “We are very excited to offer this application to the public and hope that it will generate interest and citizen engagement especially as we enter into the 2014 election,” said the Commission’s Executive Director Kristin Izumi-Nitao.


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