Kings’ Shops Welcomes 2013 Retailer of the Year in Hawaii – Tori Richards

Kings’ Shops welcomes the 2013 Retailer of the Year in Hawaii award winner, Tori Richard to its ensemble of luxury and boutique stores.  The journey to the opening on Tuesday, December 10, 2013 began in 1953, when Mort Feldman moved to Hawaii to retire.  When retirement did not suit Mr. Feldman, he and his wife, Janice Moody, founded the company naming it after one of Mort’s sons, Richard, and one of Janice’s daughters, Victoria.  Tori Richard Ltd. was born.

Tori Richards Ala Moana Store

Tori Richards Ala Moana Store

In 1966, Mort Feldman & Howard Hope of Sun Fashions, as vice president and president of the Hawaii Fashion Guild; lobbied the state legislature to proclaim every Friday between Memorial Day and Labor Day, “Aloha Friday.”  The measure was adopted and “aloha attire” became the official dress of the state of Hawaii. This effort is largely credited as the precursor to the national Casual Friday movement in the 1990s.

Based in Honolulu, Tori Richard Ltd. is one of the world’s premier designers and manufacturers of better men’s and women’s resort apparel. The Tori Richard customer enjoys a beautiful offering of destination-inspired men’s resort wear as well as the women’s line that gave the company its illustrious start.

Tori Richard has seven retail stores are located thought Hawaii and now their eighth at Kings’ Shops.


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