Mayor Kenoi’s Office Responds to Bayfront Tourism Signage Problem

The other day I posted a commentary from Sonia Martinez about the Bayfront area and when tourist get off the ships.  Sonia received the following reply from the mayor’s office:

Hike Into Hilo 2

Hi, Sonia,
Mahalo for the op/ed piece on Damon Tucker’s site, and thanks for all of those rides you have been giving to the wandering visitors.

We’re working on it. The county recently received a preliminary notice of award of a $345,743 federal grant from the National Park Service to complete another portion of the ongoing Hilo Bayfront Trails project that should take care of the problem. This section of the trail will link the canoe halau area at bayfront with the Mooheau Bandstand area, with a side loop through the mauka side soccer fields.

This will be a 12-foot wide, divided concrete trail (to allow for bikes as well as pedestrians) with signage and landscaping, and should be mighty hard to miss. The trail will cross the existing Kamehameha Avenue/Pauahi Street intersection, so it should pick up all of the traffic from the ships regardless of whether folks are walking along the shoreline or the highway.

It won’t happen tomorrow, though. We’re using a combination of contractors and volunteer labor to save money, and construction is expected to take 15 months, There have apparently also been some delays in obtaining final grant approval from the federal government. I’ll ask the parks team if it makes sense to post temporary signs at some strategic spots in the meantime.

Thanks again for your interest.

Kevin Dayton
Executive Assistant to Mayor Billy Kenoi


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