State Legislators to Attend Community Forum in Kona Next Week

UPDATE – This forum has been cancelled.

If you want to learn what our State Legislators will be working on during the upcoming legislative session, the Community Forum on Tuesday, January 14, at the Maka’eo Pavilion at Old Kona Airport Park is the place to go for answers. The forum begins at 6:00 pm.


State House Representatives Nicole Lowen and Cindy Evans and State Senators Josh Green and Malama Solomon have confirmed their participation in the forum. The new, but yet unnamed, State Representative replacing Representative Denny Coffman from District 5 replacing Representative Denny Coffman will be invited and is expected to participate. Members of the County Council have also been invited to report and discuss County activities.

Following their presentations the Legislators will participate in a panel discussion moderated by Sherry Bracken, and will answer written questions from the audience.

Pupus and beverages will be served. For more information please call John Buckstead at 326-9779 or email at


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