Kona Crime Prevention Committee Recognizes Officer Nicholas McDaniel as “Officer of the Month”

The Kona Crime Prevention Committee recognized Officer Nicholas McDaniel as “Officer of the Month” for January in a luncheon ceremony Wednesday (January 8) at Huggo’s restaurant in Kailua-Kona.

Officer Nicholas McDaniel

Officer Nicholas McDaniel

McDaniel was honored for leading the Kona District in the number of arrests of impaired drivers in 2013.

In nomination papers, Sergeant Grad Elarionoff said McDaniel made 10 percent of the DUI arrests for the entire Kona District, with his “C” Watch responsible for half of them. He credited McDaniel with motivating the coworkers on his watch.

Elarionoff noted that McDaniel didn’t limit his observations to drivers under the influence of alcohol. In September, while working a DUI roadblock, McDaniel observed methamphetamine in two separate vehicles, resulting in the arrests of three individuals and the recovery of methamphetamine, drug paraphernalia, a shotgun and ammunition.

Elarionoff pointed out that islandwide fatalities were down significantly in 2013, as were fatalities involving drugs, alcohol or both. While he acknowledged there is no way to directly link the improved statistics to Officer McDaniel’s efforts, “we all can agree that without enforcement, these lowered statistical numbers would increase.”

As “Officer of the Month,” McDaniel is eligible to become “Officer of the Year.”

The Kona Crime Prevention Committee is an organization that encourages community involvement in aiding and supporting police in West Hawaiʻi.

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