Governor Neil Abercrombie Responds to Obama’s State of the Union Address

Gov. Neil Abercrombie today commented on President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, which mirrors his investment in early childhood education and his push for increasing the minimum wage.

abercrombieheaderGov. Abercrombie stated:

“It’s encouraging that President Obama’s national priorities echo those I’ve outlined as top initiatives for the State of Hawaii.

“The President’s emphasis on early childhood education are in line with Hawaii’s plans to expand access to pre-kindergarten for all four year olds. We are investing in new partnerships to provide our keiki with the educational opportunities they deserve.

“As I stated in last week’s State of the State address, a hard-working sector in Hawaii has gone seven years without seeing their wages rise. I applaud the President’s proposal to increase the minimum wage for all federal employees.”

One Response

  1. Abberblabbercommie continues to support the number one Enemy of the Constitution for the united States of America, even though he knows Barack H. Obama has no valid Hawaii birth certificate and is not eligible for Office of POTUS, and his real name is Barry Soetoro born in Kenya and naturalized a Muslim citizen of Indonesia, a criminal usurping the Office of POTUS now after being convicted by a Citizens’ Grand Jury and trial and sentenced to 10 yrs in prison.

    Martial Law: Obama is putting America into a lockdown. I’ve been warning you that the signs are there—all you have to do is look. Last week the Usurper Dictator Obama/Soetoro crystallized his plans for Martial Law, and he’s not going to be waiting for legislation to pass…he’s just going to use ‘his pen and his Obama phone’ to sign executive orders like Dictators do everywhere.

    Obama/Soetoro’s [and Aberblabbercommie, too] true intent has been revealed: ignore the Constitution and bypass our legislative process so he can implement Martial Law and New World Order.

    We MUST Take Back USA: Join the Operation American Spring in DC to take our Republic away from the Obamacommies and return to the Constitution for the united States of America as the Supreme Law of the Land: “…we haven’t lost our country yet! Join us in Washington, D.C. on May16, 2014 with Colonel Harry Riley and tens of millions of other patriots to remove these lawless COMMUNIST from our government! The march is called “Operation American Spring!” Please don’t give up hope, spread the word and join us! This will be the largest protest in American history!! We will stay as long as it takes to take our country back…………

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