The Big Island seems to have a very large amount of people that go “missing” so I thought I would start a database of missing folks.  If you notice a person on this database that is no longer missing… please let me know by commenting on the bottom of the post.  (Your comments will not be published)

Philip Voelker

Philip Voelker

Missing since November of 2013

Jonathan Riveira

Jonathan Riveira

Missing since January 12, 2014

Robert Keawe Lopaka Ryder

Robert Keawe Lopaka Ryder

Missing since Thanksgiving, 2013

Malia Pelekane

Malia Pelekane

Missing since January 11, 2014

Addie Cragg

Addie Cragg

Missing since August 16, 2013

John Spillane aka Kevin Devlin

John Spillane aka Kevin Devlin

Missing since May 13, 2013

Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson

Missing since July 18, 2013

Missing since March 6, 2013

Chance Gorelangton-Kuanoni

Chance Gorelangton-Kuanoni

Missing since December 2012

Charlierose Rodrigues-Kihe

Charlierose Rodrigues-Kihe

Missing Since December 7, 2012

Marlo Moku

Marlo Moku

Missing Since June 2009

John Eckert

John Eckert

Missing since January 13, 2012

John Hamrick

John Hamrick

Missing Since December 2012

Pat Enos

Pat Enos

Missing Since October 13, 2012

Sabrina Nakaima

Missing since October 24, 2012

Jonah Farmer

Missing since November 10, 2012

Benson Maddison

Missing since August 27, 2012

Chelsey Olival

Missing since August 2012

Briane Castro-Ah Nee

Missing since September 2012

Sean Ryan

Missing since August 2007

Mary Evelyn Pung

Missing since August 7, 2012

Richard Dayle Ainslie

Missing since May, 2012

Tearon T. Pacheco-Fernandez

Missing since April 30, 2012

Abcidy Santos

Missing since February 8, 2012

Zachary Akima

Missing since March 3, 2012

Maria Akima

Missing since March 2, 2012

Charren Kaeo Ornellas

Missing Since Thursday 3/29/12

Tori Bowen

Missing Since August 2011

Kiana Kekahuna-Foster

Missing Since November 2011

Robert Manuel De Castro

Missing since December 2011

Austin Imholt

Missing Since October 2011

Wayne Huihui

Missing Since January 31, 2012

Adam Yarbro

Missing Since September 2010

Fran Uilani Kaniho

Missing Since 1988

Robert Dalpe

Missing Since 2011

Naomi Sanders

Missing Since June 6, 2011

Michelle Gloria Adam

Michelle Gloria Adam

Missing since June 13,1998

Annad Arkangel

Annad Arkangel

Missing Since August 15, 2008

Samuel Wheaton Bower

Samuel Wheaton Bower

Missing since December 2, 2009

Kimberly Ann Cardarella

Kimberly Ann Cardarella

Missing since August 1, 2007

Joshua Scott Curry

Joshua Scott Curry

Missing since November 25, 1994

Leslie DeloSantos

Leslie DeloSantos

Missing since January 2, 2007

Daniel Patrick DeSimone

Daniel Patrick DeSimone

Missing since April 15, 2009

Michaela Anthony Elenes

Michaela Anthony Elenes

Missing since March 25, 2004

Willie Dennis Eriksson

Willie Dennis Eriksson

Missing since November 7, 2007

Jason Roy Henderson

Jason Roy Henderson

Missing since August 14, 2002

Jeffrey Allen Henderson

Jeffrey Allen Henderson

Missing since August 13, 2001

Twila Star Houston

Twila Star Houston

Missing since May 2002

Peter J. Kema Jr. (Aged timeline)

Peter J. Kema Jr. (Aged timeline)

Missing since September 11, 1997

Patricia Alene Kenny

Patricia Alene Kenny

Missing since August 30, 2008

Timothy Joseph Lynch

Timothy Joseph Lynch

Missing since June 6, 2003

Mia Yokohama McDonald

Mia Yokohama McDonald

Missing since February 8, 2001

Sophie B. Moon

Sophie B. Moon

Missing since May 11, 2008

Francesca Anna-Marie O'brien

Francesca Anna-Marie O’brien

Missing since August 11, 2004

Roselyn Pawai

Roselyn Pawai

Missing since March 4, 1999

John Cameron Reece

John Cameron Reece

Missing since November 25, 1999

Hank Roberts Sr.

Hank Roberts Sr.

Missing since March 18, 2004

Bob Sabaratnam

Bob Sabaratnam

Missing since November 27, 1998

Masaki Sonomura

Masaki Sonomura

Missing since January 31, 2000

William Dwight West

William Dwight West

Missing since November 23, 2004


64 Responses

  1. I’ve been trying to figure out the statistics if more people go missing here on the islands or the mainland. So far I have found in 2012 about 20,000 people went missing in LA & the population in LA in 2012 was about 9,959,00 so it’s about .20 of the population went missing in LA in 2012. I know the population in 2012 on the Big Island is about 195,000 I think, but I can’t seem to find out exactly how many people went missing on the Big Island in 2012. Anyhow I would really like to know the facts because about 60 people have gone missing since about 2001 & it seems like a lot for such a small place, but that’s in 13 years not a yearly rate.

  2. What about adding people from the other islands too? There is somebody missing every month it seems.

  3. Mahalo! Showed this to Hawaii News Now GM Blangiardi yesterday (he spoke at HIEDB annual mtg) and he said he would follow up – tonight’s 10pm news included story on Marlo Moku.

  4. Why isn’t a missing people report posted in the daily news paper??? There are far many people missing on this island. Something needs to be done . Is there any type of community meeting or talks about the problem? Who is in charge of missing people for the County of Hawaii?????? V

  5. I’m afraid for a person I know, she has drifted from me and plans to take a trip to the mainland somewhere. She does not want to tell me anything about it, when or where.

  6. Anika Young-Adams looks like she’s been active on her facebook page within the last 12 hours. I don’t think she’s missing.

  7. Really feel bad to know about all the missing persons. I understand the How difficult to survive without love one.

  8. Thanks for doing this. I haven’t seen my son in 3 weeks, he has birthday money and presents waiting for him so it’s hard to figure out why he hasn’t gotten a hold of me. He’s haole, raised in Kona and we know how weird it can get over there. He told me he had a new place to live in Kailua-Kona 3 weeks ago and was getting a phone. That’s the last I’ve heard of him. His name is Christian Sorenson and he’s 43.
    Thanks again,
    Kelly Sorenson
    His Mom

  9. Hey, I wrote before, wondering if the Waikoloa girl was ever found- one who went missing from Hamakua Health Center area? End of July…
    I cannot find it anywhere in news…

  10. Hi Damon, I don’t know if you remember me, but I just did a interview about my sons murder in Honolulu on 7/1/2006. Well my story differs greatly from what the police say. They did have enough evidence to pick these people up and I can prove it, but that is not why I’m here. I have made a FB page for Mothers who are victims as well as their children that have been murdered. It is called Mothers Seeking Justice for Murder Victims. I just started it and it is a place for Mother’s to find support from other Mothers that have gone through similar situations with the authority’s and have not found Justice. It can be very lonely when you are trying to find answers and no one is on your side. So Thank you for all of the work you are doing for for the voiceless. A Mother Seeking Justice.

  11. I believe Cherie Ward is now Cherie Cochran. The pictures on her FB, which is current, are a match to the picture posted by the police. Also, the man last seen with her is still in a relationship with her and he appears to be in the Navy. I’m putting a copy of her FB on here. But I wonder if the local police need to know about this and investigate to confirm that she is found.

  12. My nephew Chye Galante is not missing he is fine … I think this is a great thing ur doing u dont realize how many people go missing …

  13. Thank u for starting this & bringing Awareness that this is a serious problem on the big island. Marlo Moku is my sister-in-law she’s been missing since September 23, 2008. She has 3 beautiful children as well as lots of family members & friends who all want to know what happened to her. I miss her everyday!

  14. Wow
    Just moved off island and looked online at the current missing girl from Waikoloa, my sons classmate. I had no idea that this many people were missing, I know its more too. I do not see someone I know of, but he was homeless, probably died in the field he “lived” in, no one ever went to find him I am thinking.
    Thanks for all this.

  15. My name is Kate. I am not 100% sure what happened to me, but the last night on the island I fought for my life. i think I almost got sucked into being taken without it being connected to these folks I got to know. I think they work in human trafficking. But I am not sure, but I think so. I think they have a guy on the island who they call in when they “have one” (a person who they might be able to take without much trouble) and then he uses voodoo to slowly capture them in a way that it goes unnoticed. I think the ring extends to CA and down into Mexico. I think they are very well funded and organized. I am scared to make accusations for a few reasons. But I also want to talk about it all. The first day I went around the island with the guy- Ms. Royal died that day and I was fed a Pig who was slaughtered that day and who there was a picture of. It WAS THE ODDEST DINNER I HAVE EVER BEEN TO.

    • How can I get into contact with you Kate? I am Boaz Johnson’s sister, please contact me. Interested in this

    • Aloha Kate,

      You have shown great courage telling your story, but perhaps it is early. If you were drugged and it certainly appears so from your letters, it is important to clear the effects of those drugs from your body, mind and spirit before you talk to any authorities. Please consider seeing a naturopathic physician or an energy worker to clear the effects of the drugs.

      If you don’ have funds for that I am willing to do distance work for you with the express purpose of getting you back in your body and clearing the drugs from your system. If you are willing to receive long distance Healing Touch, please email me at ainabella@yahoo.com.

      Aloha Puna residents, please hold Kate in your hearts and try to understand that while she may be delusional (who wouldn’t after her experience?) consider that she is human and deserving of our compassion and prayers, even from those of us that she may have offended in her fear and pain.

      Damon, thank you for posting the entire thread of emails, for your missing person thread (a very important piece of work) and for attempting to have Kate contact Tiffany. Tiffany, thank you also for being a haven of good information in a swirl of rumor and innuendo. Keep up the good work, both of you.

    • Hi there I would like to get on board of this missing person thing. I know there is a lot of trafficking and underground prostitution , possibly extortion and probably kidnapping and murder going on here. There is just far too much people seem to be missing on the Big Island. Im trying to find out if there is some kind of extortion involved in the disappearing of the people.

    • How did you meet these people? What and how did they try to get you? Are they local? Do they speak with an accent ? What kind of voodoo ? What makes you say they extend to CA and Mexico? Who was the lady that died? Where did they get the pig? If you don’t mind I would like to know the facts off these questions? You seem to have lots of info this should be enough to track down these people for questioning.

  16. You need to update your information, several of those persons posted here were found and are now home with their families.

    • Please let me know which ones have been found. The police do not often follow-up with their press releases when folks are found.

  17. Where is Boaz Johnson, I did not see him on the list?

    • I don’t put suspected murderers on my list.

      • Where did you get that info? I thought he was wanted for questioning to shed some light on the case. Just asking?

        • He is not suspected of murder, he is just wanted for questioning. The fact that he can not be found is suspicious or possible malicious. there was never any talk of him being a suspect that heard, they just want to know what he knows about the girl.

  18. Hi Im writing a series of books dealing with reports of strange phenomena,and I am interested in any information on the current whereabouts of a man who appears to have had a number of different identities.In the USA he dressed as a priest and called himself Father David Daniels. (This was in the 1980’s)In 2000 he was in Honolulu calling himself David Sutherland witha partner Jane….Perhaps some one has cause to remember meeting this man and may wish to contact me. I am on 0121.445.0340 UK or email Johndawn1@sky.com
    (retired Police Officer)

  19. I am glad that you have done this, but it is true what one of the posters said about them not wanting to offend the tourist. I have wrote you before about my sons case, and the lack of regard the police have for the people other than the one’s that have money. I truly Hope and Pray that you get some more people out there like you that care for the broken and lost. Be Blessed.

  20. I’ve seen Austin Imholt many times in the Pahoa area. For several months last year (2012), I notified local police about when and where I saw him. Also, talked to a LEO in Kona who called me back wanting my information. Now, Austin is 18, going on 19. He is on his own. So sad because he has a mom who is worried.

  21. Missing 2 weeks

  22. omg.. i know everyone on here… i should be on here too… but oh well.. cant stop people from running if they are not ready to stop running &help themselves…..

    • What about Adam yarbro


        I believe Dustin kendig has everything to do with Adam missing I talked to him in 2010 and the story he have me I believe sounded like a script that he had went over in his head over and over.after talking with him for 15 minutes I ask about Adam and he started acting funny..I also know this was Adams second time living on island with Dustin and the first time he came home because Dustin had drugged him..Adam was very upset and came home and told me all about it also when Dustin and Adam left California for Hawaii they left with another guy names Eric..I have a lot of info on this and I am willing to share…

  23. OMG, as of April 14, looking at the list 47 people missing on the Big Island. OMG. I heard that thier is human trafficing here on the Hawaii the Big Island.

    • Yes, you are correct. There is a great deal of human trafficking here. We work every day to stop it and saved a girl quite recently from being entangled by a, “friend” her own age. Tickets to SF were already purchased and she was suppose to start work at a “massage parlor”. Frightening…

  24. What about peter boy?

  25. Damon, any word on Chelsea Wondergem who went missing in January 2013?

  26. The Police Department in the Big Island needs to be thrown out to the deepest part of the ocean. The Mayor can also go with them. Both of them ignore all these because it is bad business. No more taxes to pay for these yakusas. Kenoi has to go.

  27. Has any one noticed how young all these people are? Every single one of them! It is Strange, and very scary ! Lets find these kids!

  28. Are many of these runaways? kids that were angry and/or addicted or stranger abduction? i am appalled that there are this many missing people and so sad. what a nice thing you have done here.

  29. What about Marlo Moku? She needs to be added to this sight!

    • I only started this two years ago. If there is a police report about it… please send it to me at damontucker @ yahoo.com (no spaces)

  30. Right on Damon! Its mind blowing how many people are missing and that its not front page news! Go figure :\

    • I figured out it’s PURPOSELY not reported on the front page of West Hawaii Today so it doesn’t scare off tons of tourists. Keep it a secret.
      Just today at the pier this homeless couple the woman assaulted me in full view of tourists that stopped & stared right by the palace. I walked by the tourists with my dog (too bad he’s NOT a pit bull right?) then nonchalantly said, “This is the REAL Hawaii”. The police responded a little later I was GONE by then. I first stopped by the police station ONLY cats could write the report a colony outside getting fed. The obese white lonely policeman told me it would hours before I would get to file a police report so I went home. Arriving home I phoned the police to file one at my home so hours later the policeman shows up at my house. A few minutes later back to the pier he goes another fight! Another wonderful day in paradise!

  31. hi damon: ask our BIG ISLAND pimps & human traffickers ~Human trafficking is a hidden crime, and the first step to combating human trafficking is to identify victims so they can be rescued and help bring their perpetrators to justice. ~Human trafficking indicator: Potential victims often do not have control over their money or personal documents. Learn more: http://www.facebook.com/bluecampaign

    • Together organizing a group just like they do this can be stopped . Understand these people have no rules or laws they abide by.

  32. This was the most akamai thing to do. Mahalo for having the brains to put all our missing ohana in one section so much easier. My hearts and prayers to all that each and everyone is found.

  33. Her name is Brianna Freitas Jones, missing since January 4 2013 .. She is a minor, was in Bobby Benson treatment center, we love her and need her found safe.

  34. How do I get a missing person added?

    • File a missing persons report with the Hawaii County Police Department.

      If you already have… You can send me the name and I can research to see if I’ve posted it before.

      I only started the “missing” page on my site 2 years after my site began.

  35. Damon,
    FYI: My girlfriend Kimberly Satya Horoschak although previously sighted in april continues to be missing, she has not been seen or heard from since april. A new APB will soon be issued by the police, a detective named Almeida is handling her case.

  36. i will pray for them sad to here people are missing on the big island otis

  37. i saw a girl in the back of an older one ton pick up headed from hilo to kea’au that looked like tori. your picture looks out dated a bit though. her hair was longer. she was with a young woman (18-24) with long blonde hair, an older man (60’s) with greyish longer hair and missing teethe and a hawaiian woman.

  38. i think i might have seen tori in the back of a lighter colored pickup headed from hilo to keaau today. around 1pm.

  39. My cousin Jessica Urbina has been missing in Pahoa since March 2001. Havnt seen or heard of her since.

  40. Saw your facebook post a second ago, good job bruddah.

    i heard naomi sanders turned up, can’t verify

    I know her from kona side, haven’t seen her personally.

    But I knew she was missing and I heard she turned up.

    • Nice site… it’s not local and it’s missing lots of folks I’ve previously blogged about.

      I’m just starting this database and hopefully a visual database will be a bit more effective.

  41. Thank you for doing this, its a really important thing and I am so glad that you took it upon yourself to start this. Mahalo for the Aloha.

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